Åka tåg/Take the train/Vozom do..

Vi beslutar oss för att fly stadsvärmen och ta tåget till Jablanica sjön. Man kan få sig en riktig vila genom att bara fly rutinerna, värmen och all människoträngsel och söka sig till naturen. Jablanica blir vår destination och vi kommer dit strax innan mörkret faller.


Jablanica lake is an hour drive from Sarajevo but we take a late afternoon train, friday afternoon. Trains in Bosnia are fun. They are old, sometimes crowded but the friends you make going from city to city can sometimes prove to be valuable friendships for the rest of your life. All of the windows are open as there is no air conditioning inside the trains and people smoke outside their cabinets. The view on the green hills that surround Sarajevo are priceless.

Bjezimo vozom do Jablanickog jezera. Vozovi u BIH su meni divni.

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